A Complex Health System

Today it is very fashionable to lead a healthy living. At the beginning of the XXth century the main aim in the life of people was just to survive because of numerous war conflicts. People were dying because of starvation, exhaustion and other sufferings. They did not even think about healthy products, diets, sport gyms and other modern tendencies.

Nowadays a healthy living is an inalienable attribute of every successful person (from a manager of a small company to owners of big corporations). With the development of medicine and new technologies it is known that a healthy living gives people beauty, health, good mood and emancipation from various diseases and health problems.

A healthy living is a big system which consists of keeping to a diet, going in for sports, life without smoking, alcohol, drugs and stress. People who lead a healthy lifestyle look more beautiful and handsome than people who abuse alcohol drinks and smoke as well as those you permit all types of food products to themselves.

The essential part of any healthy living is a diet. People should follow some important rules in their diets:

1) to drink 2 litres of water per day;
2) any diet should be well-balanced;
3) to eat more fish and sea products such as shrimps and lobsters;
4) to intake more fruit and vegetables every day;
5) to exercise regularly (2 times per week min.)

Jacob Bogatin claims that sport is a very important part of a healthy living as well. The psychological possibilities of each person are different that is why people go in for different kinds of sport. For example, people who are not well-prepared go for such sport as yoga, callanetics, pillates. And people who are very well-built visit gyms, take up aerobics courses and so on.