Beautiful Natural Setting Celebrated in Expo

Within the growing market on Tulum Real Estate, an important aspect is that of the close contact which residents have with the area’s beautiful natural surroundings. Whether property buyers prefer ecological lots in close contact with the natural surroundings (such as beachfront lots in the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, or new ecological developments in the areas surrounding Tulum), luxury condos with sustainable design or lots for classy homes in urban-village style developments, Tulum MLS listings show excellent options; and in each case, one aspect of Tulum’s developing culture is an interest in preserving and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings (including the beachfront, and the famous cenotes.)

This aspect of Tulum Real Estate culture will soon be celebrated in the 3rd Tulum Ya’ax Green Expo 2010, in ecopark Xel-Ha, one of the Mexico’s top ecotourism destinations, about 20 minutes away from Tulum. On April 8 and 9 the event will take Park Museum of Mayan Culture in Tulum. The event is the most important in the region dedicated to promoting environment-friendly practices and the use of “green” products.

The Tulum Ya’ax Green Expo 2010 will offer all participants – entrepreneurs, artists, local real estate owners, investors and tourists – new ecological tools they can use at home or business for a healthy coexistence with the environment. Also, attendees will engage with national and local experts about real solutions for green building design, permaculture, water treatment and renewable energy. Green Expo visitors can also buy products made in the region, including handicrafts, products for bath, beauty, health, and household cleaning. There will also be information presented about sustainable practices and green architecture in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the world.

The exhibition will feature a program of lectures by recognized experts from around the country, who will share ideas with the community in Tulum. There will also be a classical music ensemble, an “organic” fashion show, traditional food from local restaurants and an area with the best holistic therapists in Tulum.

Whether real estate buyers are searching MLS listings for properties which are “green” and in close contact with nature, high-end luxury built on sustainable models, or just a comfortable place to live near the beachfront, events such as this one can be appealing to all as a part of Tulum’s developing community. This aspect of Tulum’s emerging culture is pointing toward a clean, pleasant environment for real estate buyers to live in.