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Perfect Ideas for Black Ombre Hair to Try

Black ombre hair is striking and classy, and no one can refute that. If you have naturally dark hair and contrasting appearances, you may opt to try fades of black into reds, browns or even blondes. If you have a long hair, that is a plus for you as this technique of colouring needs fades for a quality hair fade.

With black and dark brown hair, you can change to any of your preferred colour choice including pastel shades, vibrant and bright colours. Also, your ombre dark hair will last for some weeks, before you can think about styling it again. This important website will help you in the entire colouring process. Click to read more.

  1. Black to Brown Ombre with Sun Kissed Ends

Long hair creates enough dramatic effect. So, you should maintain things subtle by opting to go from black to brown with light colour transformations. Some few natural hues can make it possible for your hair to look great and healthy as well.

  1. Going Gray Ends

Opting to go full gray is a big step in styling. However, you can minimise the impact while cultivating style with dark hair with shades of gray at the tips. Understand that the very ends are getting the bluish tint to show off the loyal steel gray colour employed at the middle.

  1. Black and Tan Ombre

The variations of ombre are famously known for their sun-kissed look and the glowing deity fair. However, if you need a version with a subtle edge to it, this black ombre hair gives you the suitable style combination: the platinum and black hair.

  1. Lustrous Fuchsia Black Ombre Hair

One of the great ways for a lady with black hair to stay on trend is to opt for a vibrant burgundy ombre. For those with warm toned skin, you will come out gorgeous with red purples, but for those with cool skin tone, you should go for something that is real red or with tints of orange.

  1. Dark Ombre With Sandy Shades

For an ombre haircut that is entirely on-trend, have the bleached tips toned with a sandy caramel hue. When you get off the bold and gold hues, you will have a look that is pretty flattering for your dark ombre hair and light skin. Ladies with darker toned skin can try these golden-brown hues.

  1. Gorgeous Light Brown Ombre

If you want black ombre hair that is beautiful and fashionable, then you have to master perfectly the art of unstructured curls. Experiment with them, swirl huge portions of hair around a big barrel curling iron beginning at the midshaft. Then use a wide comb to brush out the waves.

  1. Bright Red Ombre

This golden hue gives you a beautiful ombre look. For ladies with dark hair, deep reds and bright reds look the best.

Health & Beauty Properties

Drink eight glasses of water per day! How many times have you heard this statement? Is there any truth to assumption that water can cure all kinds of diseases? Can water actually make your skin healthier and stronger? Water cures may seem like a mystery, but in this case the facts really speak for themselves.

Water has various health and beauty properties that can’t be ignored. Our bodies need water in order to survive. In fact, without water we would all be shriveled up and dehydrated. The scary part of this equation is that most people never even drink one glass of water per day.

Rather than filling our bodies with water, we tend to consume large amounts of alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine can be fun to drink, but they also dehydrate the body causing our skin to dry out. If you want to maintain a healthy, anti-aging, glow throughout the years, water is the way to go.

Did you know that our bodies consist of 70 percent water? Numerous parts of the body including blood, muscles, lungs, and brain all need water to survive. Since we lose water throughout the day, it is important to recognize the signs of dehydration… do you know when you are dehydrated?

If you have chronic pain in your joints and muscles; constant headaches; constipation; and lower back pain you might be suffering from mild dehydration. Dehydrating can also speed up the aging process, but by drinking water you can promote anti-aging. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, your body still needs water. In fact, your body needs water long before that thirst ever hits you.

So, how much water should you drink? While every health and beauty expert out there seems to have a different number of glasses in mind, the best way to figure out your daily water intake is through math. Dividing your body weight in half will give you the number of ounces of water per day that you should be drinking.

If you happen to be an active person, it is wise to add another eight ounce glass of water per twenty minutes of exercise to your daily water intake. Additionally, if you have an alcoholic drink you should match each drink with one glass of water.

It’s hard to get enough water every day. Most of us lead busy lives that don’t include stopping to take care of our bodies throughout the day. However, if you get into the habit of drinking water every day, you will see that your skin begins to glow from the inside out as natural anti-aging devices begin to work within you.

Our bodies need water to survive, so make sure to give your body plenty of water. Drinking water for health and beauty reasons may seem simple, but it is also the best way to arm your body with numerous anti-aging benefits.

From health and beauty articles to studies that can be found in many different scientific journals, water always wins out when it comes to replenishing your body. If you want healthy, youthful, skin remember to drink water all day, every day.

Health and Beauty From Home

If you want to give yourself beauty treatments from the comfort of your own home, then there are a few things that you can do to make the experience even better.

Depending on the home beauty treatments that you do, you may want to set aside a special area to keep your equipment and products for your treatments. You will find that you soon accumulate a wide range of different things that you will need space to store them. Always check the labels on specialist products, as some even need to be kept in the fridge!

It is useful to get a few containers to keep your equipment in. Watertight is particularly useful, as a lot of these things have a tendency to leak and there is nothing worse than something like nail polish remover leaking over a decent piece of furniture. It is also useful to keep together the things that you use a lot for a variety of treatments such as scissors, tweezers, nail file and similar.

Whilst you can save a lot of money by doing beauty treatments from the comfort of your own home, it still pays to shop around for the best prices on your favorite products. You will often find that it is far cheaper to source most of your beauty products online these days, as they are very expensive in high street shops and specialist retailers. If you find that you use a lot of a particular product, it is also worth looking at buying it in larger quantities for further savings.

Have You Been Thinking About Natural Beauty?

Anybody looking on the internet for top beauty secrets will clearly see pretty quick that you will discover hundreds of publications on tips on how to achieve natural beauty. The difficulty is, the vast vast majority of them just provide you with fifty percent of the puzzle, and then sort of head away from saying, ” Towards the rest of your technique, PURCHASE HERE!”.

The fact is, top beauty secrets starts and terminates with getting treatment of your womens health… the many cosmetics, facials, therapies, and methods within the planet are just window dressing. Immediately after all, a newly decorated household infested with termites is just however just as more likely to collapse! By a similar token, the best solution to increase your exterior natural beauty is to be informed that your system is just as balanced around the inside of, as your ideal initiatives help it seem to appear so within the outside.

Its not only about retaining a nutritious food plan. Positively, you’ll find lots of diets out there that will allow you to drop off weight quickly, but be guarded of those that neglect simple nutritional desires. Many diets strip the entire body of nutrients, so while they may get you with your excellent bodyweight in a couple of weeks, the lengthy-term cost of depriving your body of natural vitamins that it wants may well result in premature aging inside the long run. To avoid this, quickly run your provisional diet plan prepare through your health practitioner and make sure that the food items intake will give ideally suited nutritional desires for any women of the age and height.

In fact, much too numerous women stop at dieting as the important to womens health, though neglecting the relevance of activity. Previously, have you looked in envy in the athletic figures of native indigenous women? They like that because their life-style needs continual actual activity, from morning till night. Going to the gym and accomplishing one thousand sit-ups to work your belly doesn’t quite count as well-balanced actual physical activity. You should have a all-embracing total-physique workout to evenly work each muscle group.

Many ladies are actually using traditional, healthy therapies to boost natural beauty. These types of herbs, creams, and teas are for the most portion harmless, and a lot of are even effective. You’ll find, nonetheless, some dangers involved when employing these top beauty secrets. For example, the renowned natural beauty Cleopatra thought she was using an advantage of an ancient Babylonian top beauty secret when she used mercury as a beauty crème, when all she actually managed to perform was raise her mercury levels to approximately poisonous amounts in her body which ended up ruining her skin and driving her to madness and suicide within the conclude.

Which is not to tell that the vast majority of healthy top beauty secrets are a Trojan horse in disguise, however it just goes to display the relevance of knowing as much as you can about what things that you are introducing into the body, because although a specific therapy may give you good skin color, would it really be worth it if it induced blindness? Preventing ingestions of poisons from turning out to be an extended expression habit commences with studying the ingredients label, and quickly accomplishing a internet investigation for any side effects or end user opinions.

Real Beauty Fitness

Fitness and beauty can be one and the same. Being fit and healthy
will automatically make you look better. A healthy inside creates
a healthy outside.

Fitness through exercise can help you to maintain a healthy
body weight and improve muscle tone.

Our looks reflect the sum total of who we are and how we live,
and the best we can do in life is to make the best of what
nature has given is, without excuse, apology, or pretense.
If we try to live otherwise, we find ourselves acting on a stage
with other actors and actresses–great pretenders without real
friends, without real lovers, without real relationships.

While we realize that there is such a thing as “natural beauty,”
which is beyond all standards of culture and history in some
sense, there are also “relative” standards of beauty.

We all know about fads, styles, and adornments that are “in” one
season and “out” the next. This includes cosmetics, hair styles,
clothing, and even body weight and size.

These standards may vary from country to country, year to year,
or even among different age groups in the same country and year.

For example, full figures are considered the ideal in some
historical periods, but slender figures are valued now–at
least in Western countries.

The point is that cultural standards change–and we may choose
to follow or ignore them–because the cultivation of natural
beauty is not dependent upon fads.

In order to get along harmoniously, whether at the level of
dating, courtship, or marriage, men and women have to get past
physical looks and into the more important qualities that make
up human relationships, such as kindness, friendship, and areas
of mutual interest.

There is such a thing as a beautiful personality. There can be
beauty in the way a person thinks. An attitude or smile can be
beautiful. Love is certainly beautiful, and all of life is
beautiful when we are in love.

A person is truly beautiful when he or she is healthy. Any
disease or illness affects all parts of the body, sometimes
for many years before the symptoms are manifested. If the body
and mind are not healthy, then a person cannot feel or be truly

Natural Beauty

Do you need some downtime, but don’t have time to jet to Bora Bora? Maybe you and your love can find pleasure, peace and romantic moments by creating your own “spa” experience at home. It’s one of my very favorite things to do! Before you decide it’s not for you. Remember, relationships are where you go to give. Spa moments are about being pampered together, together. This is a low cost, high impact sort of thing that will spice up your life and change the dynamics of stress. Gather these ingredients during the week, arrange for the children to have a play date, and break out those “I Will Pamper You” coupons that you made for Valentines Day.

You will love those pampering moments when you take time to invest in yourself as a human being, a day to replenish the soul and the body. There is something amazing about a fragrant tub filled with bath salts and dried flowers, lotions that deeply reach in and condition the skin, and the overall glow of feeling healthful and hydrated. There is nothing sexier in the world that being in that glowing place of calm confidence, where the leisurely pace of life can turn into a slow simmer with the person you love, should you choose.

I want to share my “beauty secrets” so that can pamper too. This is a universal human thing, not just for girls. Men enjoy spa day as well. Today, many people need to wind down and be together. We strive to spend quality time in reflection, discussion and pampering.

Therapeutic Touch

It may seem a strange way to start the day, but many quiet mornings find he and I “petting” one another, in the sense of being calming and aware of each other. Accurately called “therapeutic touch” it is a way to say “I see you, the soul in the body that I share life with.” I have learned that the benefits of non sexual full body touch are especially beneficial for my husband who operates at a higher level of tense than I do. The gentle stroke and massage of feet, legs, arms, hands and torso calm him. Using an aromatherapy oil and the quiet of the house, I help him release the tension between his toes, calves, and especially his arms and neck, behind his ears, scratching gently across his scalp. It’s not a massage as much as a gentle caress. It’s a quiet time of peaceful togetherness for us both. Try it with your loved one as a prelude to spa day, and set the tone for relaxation.

Preparing the Spirit

I begin with a time of meditation; you can read “prayer” if you like, but I strive to be quiet and listen more than to talk. In short, seat yourself comfortably in a trusted and private location. I often am in my office, outside my office window in the circle of mature pines, or in the “formal” living room of my house, one of my favorite places on earth. Today, I sit at my window in the office, being grateful. Your imagination can take you to special places in meditation.

Being Grateful

I begin with being grateful for myself, for my health, my life, and the breath that I take. I am grateful for the years and moments, knowing that God is present in all of them. I am so grateful for my home, for the grace and beauty of it. I am grateful for my children and the love that echoes through every particle in this place. I am grateful for my spouse, for his unending friendship, his extraordinary capacity to love, to forgive, to be willing to engage 100%. I am grateful that he needs me as I need him. I am grateful that we get to share this love eternally. I extend that circle out, being grateful for family, love, friends, nature, and God’s work in the universe. I let the grateful feelings permeate every cell in my person. I am incredibly grateful.

After giving this thanks, sit or lie quietly, often listening to my life coach or music, relaxing each muscle group that I have until my body is totally open and quiet. This is sometimes when God inspires and idea or thought. I remain in the position of open to God for as long as it feels right, rotating through tightening and releasing each muscle group until I know that I am physically relaxed.

Natural Beauty

Now that there is internal peace, there is an external joy as well: natural beauty. You’ll have to be deliberate about this, as it requires some specialty shopping. Be creative. Most of these ingredients you will find in a health food store, or someplace like Whole Foods. Here is my logic disclaimer…if you’re allergic to any of this stuff, don’t use it. You can find tons of natural beauty recipes for spa day online.

As with a spa, you want to deep condition your hair and then lightly shampoo. This is a great conditioning treatment put out by the National Honey Board.

Honey Hair Conditioner

The extremes of heat and cold we endure throughout winter can make even the greatest of hair look and feel like straw. This nourishing conditioner blends honey for shine; olive oil for moisture and essential oil of rosemary to stimulate hair growth.

1/2 cup Honey

1/4 cup warmed Olive oil (2T for normal to oily hair)

4 drops of essential oil of Rosemary

1 tsp. Xanthum gum (available in health food stores)

Place all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour into a clean plastic bottle with a tight fitting stopper or lid. Apply a small amount at a time to slightly dampened hair. Massage scalp and work mixture through hair until completely coated. Cover hair with a warm towel (towel can be heated in a microwave or dryer) or shower cap; leave on to nourish and condition for 30 minutes. Remove towel or shower cap; shampoo lightly and rinse with cool water. Dry as normal and enjoy shinier, softer and healthier hair the natural way.

Once you have that safely mixed in with your tresses, adding a mask of Rose Oil and Honey naturally compliments. This recipe is also from the National Honey Board.

This mask should rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Sweet almond oil, which is light and easily absorbed, softens and nourishes skin. Honey as natural humectants, moisturizes, leaving even tired skin incredibly smooth.

2 T Honey

2 T Sweet Almond oil

1 drop Vitamin E oil

5 drops essential oil of Rose

Mix honey, sweet almond oil and essential oil of rose. It’s important to use china or glass, not something metal to mix the ingredients in and with.

Massage onto clean face and neck with fingertips. Relax for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Gently pat dry to reveal a fresh, soft complexion.

Ready to clean that skin and exfoliate? This treatment from SharAmbrosia is excellent as a body scrub.

This is a Honey Almond scrub with a Peppermint twist! This product will exfoliate your skin to help make it smoother and softer.

4 T Almond meal (sometimes called Almond flour)

2 T Jojoba oil

4 T Honey

5 drops of Peppermint essential oil

In a 4 oz cobalt or amber glass jar (preferably) pour in the Almond meal and Jojoba oil. Stir well. Then mix in the Honey and Peppermint essential oil. Keep stirring until the mixture is completely mixed.

To use: Cleanse skin first. Apply about a teaspoon amount of the scrub to a moistened face. Mix with water to make it a more fluid application (do not add water to the jar). Scrub the skin gently, letting the almond meal do the work (harder pressure will only damage capillaries!). Massage every square inch of skin except the delicate eye tissue. Remove with a warm washcloth. Be careful to remove every bit of the scrub. Apply a tonic or hydrosol with a cotton ball to remove any excess product. Finish by applying your moisturizer. Use about once a week to help keep the skin soft and smooth and relieve surface tension.

Soaking bath salts are my forte. The most simplistic salt is one that you can easily mix at home.

Combine a bag of Epsom salts with.5 ounce of your favorite skin safe oil, which is usually purchased in a candle shop, bath and body works, or craft store. I do order my essential oils and aromatherapy online, and they are easy to find. I use a deep ceramic roasting pan to mix all of our salts in a small batch, then allow them to dry for several hours before placing the mixture into quart glass jars, labeling and prep for the market. My favorite addition is dried flowers, which I cut and dry in a warm oven to stave off any mildew. Using whole flowers, roses and carnations adds a unique oil blend to the soaking process. Avoiding the stem, but the flowers at the base; if you’re trimming roses, make sure that you include the rose hip into your drying pan. You can also choose to add dried milk to your mixture, given the therapeutic nature of milk to skin.

Don’t forget to liberally use candles throughout your house and turn off those harsh lights. Pick your favorite scents of relaxation.

I am pretty liberal in my use of bath salts, and will pepper a full size tub with two cups or so, adding vitamin E oil and sometimes, lavender oil if my soul is feeling any anxiety. I most often use the scent of the Dragon’s Blood flower for my bath, although lately I’ve also mixed an essential oil blend of patchouli and aromatherapy chamomile and lavender for headaches, etc. The Epsom salts are wonderful to relax away aches and pains in the body.

It’s important to note that none of these concoctions are “edible” even though they are made of common elements. They keep more readily in the refrigerator, and should be in a tightly sealed container.

One might ask “what if my mate is uninterested, or if I don’t have anyone to do this with?” “What if I can only paint my daughter’s toenails, but her Mom isn’t into any of this?” “What if my husband thinks this is stupid?”

Adapt it to your life.

If your spouse is unwilling and you have kids at home, make it a play date with them. I have had six little girls overnight, and the most fun part was the toe nail polish, honey facial and hair all up in towels moment. It was great!!

Adapt all of this to your life.

Make it a time of joy. More than anything make it about building relationship with yourself, with each other if that applies. It’s for your own mental health that you approve and love yourself. Enjoy a great cup of tea, an inspiring movie, laughter and meaningful discussion while you pamper. Kill the electronics for the day; turn off the phone and the computer. It’s important in this world of rushing that you take time to invest in your spouse or partner, friend or family member in special ways. If they are unable or unwilling, treat yourself to a day of relaxation and really focus on those feelings of gratitude and love. Include little ones if age appropriate. If making and mixing isn’t your deal, a quick trip to your local Bath and Body will supply many of the same things; you can also pick up the healthy versions at the health food store.

The Connection Between Health

If you have ever stopped to think about how much money you spend on beauty products, you might have been surprised. Many people pour thousands of dollars into beauty products each year. Between the makeup, hair care products, and skin care products, the investment can be substantial.

Why do people spend money on these things? The answer is that they want to be beautiful. They want to be attractive to other people. Using beauty products can make you feel presentable to other people, and you might not be able to imagine life without them.

You may never have considered another beauty factor, though. No matter how much money you spend on beauty products, you will only look beautiful if you are healthy on the inside. That’s because your physical appearance is a direct reflection of the state of your health.

Have you ever woken up feeling sick in the morning? Chances are, despite all of your beauty products, someone looked at you and noticed that were not feeling well. They might have noticed that your skin was unusually pale or flushed, that you were sweating, or that you seemed to be dragging.

If you’ve had that experience, you can understand how your health can be seen on the outside. Think about how it affects your skin. If you are feeling healthy and strong, you will have a healthy skin tone and coloration. Your skin will have more natural elasticity and will not look as wrinkly or puffy as it might on a sick day. Your skin cells will also replenish quickly, which makes your skin smooth and soft.

Your health can be seen in your teeth, too. You will not have as much tooth decay if you are healthy because your body will be more successful at killing harmful bacteria. You will have firm pink gums, free of infection. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Your hair, too, reflects the level of your health. If you are healthy, your hair will be thick, shiny, and bouncy. If your health is suffering, though, your hair will thin out and look dull. It will not have the same shine.

Beauty products cannot cover up poor health. No matter how much cream you rub onto your skin or how much hair spray you apply, you will not look as beautiful if you are not healthy. So, if you want to look good, prioritize your health first. Make sure to eat a nutritious diet and to get plenty of exercise. Get a proper amount of sleep, too. Taking these simple steps may do more for you than you might expect. Simply improving your health also improves your beauty.

Understanding Beauty

Beauty is a phenomenal concept which is as old as mankind. Yet, it is a concept which is very misunderstood. Different individuals listen to such diverse views of what beauty entails that quite a number end up confused, frustrated and frankly give up. If someone were to walk right up to you and asked you to define beauty; what would you say? Would you start describing a cover model you saw in one of the popular magazines, or colors of the rainbow? Or would you consider a soft melodious piece of music or even a romantic verse from a lover? All these can be defined within the concept of beauty but one thing that is clear, there is no definite definition of beauty. Beauty is something abstract and intangible. It is something about something. This something about something will vary from individual to individual. A popular definition of beauty is that it is a characteristic about something that gives a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore for beauty to be perceived, it must stimulate the senses to evoke a feeling of joy, pleasure and satisfaction. From this definition, the judge of what’s beautiful is the person who receives or fails to receive the pleasure.

How is this sensuous beauty applicable among human beings? What makes one be considered beautiful and attractive? Is a person considered beautiful necessarily attractive? These are complex questions which do not have a direct answer. The way the societies we live in view beauty is influenced by many factors. First of all there are cultural factors. In the past, each culture had distinct criteria upon which they based beauty. There are those cultures that considered plump women to be beautiful. Therefore fattening of maidens before marriage was a common practice. Others considered small feet to be beautiful. These have however changed a lot in modern times. With the advancement of technology and human interaction, the differences in cultural preferences have been minimized and we now almost have a standard way of viewing beauty. This is greatly influenced by the parameters set by top fashion houses. The images they project to the public, form the dress, walking style and physique have increasingly become the trend that the reminder of the World is expected to follow. But is what we see on the Catwalk the true representation of beauty? Thankfully, no. Human beauty is so rich in variety that we can have no set parameters within which to define it. One cannot authoritatively say small is beautiful, blonde is beautiful, slim is beautiful, green eyes are beautiful etc. and condemn other characteristics. There is no standard of beauty and each individual is beautiful in her own way. There may only be prejudices as a result of the society around the individual. It for this reason you would find a man married to a blonde having an affair with a brunette, or a lady of oriental or African descent. They are simply beautiful and the man cannot resist!

So, if we are all beautiful, what then is the big deal? Is there any reason to bother or care about how we look? Yes there is! You must certainly take the keenest interest in how you look. We live in a complex and highly socialized world. The image of beauty has become highly commercialized. Non conformity is risking rejection. Studies have shown that what is considered beautiful has a halo effect. A beautiful and attractive person will receive more attention, score higher marks in class, get more assistance, get a better job, be paid more and be trusted more. Coincidentally, people who are considered beautiful are better adjusted, confident and appear more intelligent. Therefore beauty plays a key role in our lives in how we relate with others and in how we choose our mates. It is therefore a responsible thing for us to ensure that we are beautiful. How do we do this? Since we have established that beauty is about evoking feelings of pleasure and satisfaction in other people, we must therefore aim at ensuring that people are pleased with what they see when they look at us. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We must strive to strengthen our strengths and mask our weaknesses. The aim is not to be the most beautiful person around. That is futile in that there is no such most beautiful person. The aim is to ensure we are presentable and acceptable in the society we live in. This will enhance our self confidence and of course our health. In Beauty and Health for Happiness, we will discuss tips on how to enhance our beauty and health. But first we must observe the following fundamental beauty tips.

o Accept yourself the way you are and know that you are beautiful in your own unique way. This is the first step in enhancing your beauty and health, making it shine to all around you.

o Develop healthy habits. Beauty and health are inseparable. Among the many characteristics contributing to overall beauty is health and youthfulness. You must have a healthy body, healthy skin, eyes, good breath, and healthy teeth etc. It is therefore imperative that you have a well balanced diet, exercise regularly and consult your doctor whenever necessary.

o Identify suitable products that you can use to strengthen your strengths and mask your weaknesses. These include moisturizers, creams, perfumes and hair products etc.

o Make a plan and start simply.

Beauty is a concept that plays a major role in lives and affects how we socialize and compete within the society we live in. There is no correct version of beauty and all of us are beautiful in our own way. Our perceptions of beauty are influenced by the society we live in and the modern commercialization of beauty. You however need not follow what you see in commercials. You can instead make a point of improving how you present yourself to others, and in the process, enhance your beauty and health.

You Can’t Be Beautiful Unless

So you want to be beautiful. But how does one achieve true inner and outer beauty? The first step to achieving true beauty is really quite simple. To be beautiful on the outside, you must make sure you’re beautiful and healthy on the inside. This is why it’s of utmost importance to take care of your body’s physical health, your inner health, along with your mind and inner self.

Outer beauty truly is directly related to inner health and wellness. You can’t have one without the other, so it’s best to take a pro-active approach to your physical, mental and emotional health to be able to achieve that outer “glow” of beauty that has become so desired in today’s society. But make sure you’re realistic. You aren’t achieving outer beauty if your objective is simply to LOOK more beautiful.

True outer beauty comes with a sense of acceptance of self, a true peaceful spirit and a lack of obsession over physical appearance. One can’t be beautiful if they are obsessed with being beautiful. If you try to use and follow every beauty tip you’ve ever come across or are told, then you won’t succeed in becoming beautiful- you’ll only drive yourself crazy in the attempt to achieve beauty.

Society’s obsession with beauty is based on the superficial, and those who are beautiful and healthy tend to not be noticed as often. As unfair as it may be, it’s even more unfair to worry yourself to death or obsess over it. Developing an obsessing or striving for perfection will damage your physical and mental health, sometimes to the point of no return.

While outer beauty is a good goal, something nice to strive for- it shouldn’t be the entire basis of any health regimen you follow, nor should it become all you focus on. Embracing your own differences and those of others around you is key to being healthy, happy and beautiful. But you can’t embrace your differences if you obsess and view those differences negatively.

If your nose is “too big” or “too small,” recognize that it’s a difference that makes you who you are. If you feel you’re “too heavy” or “too thin,” realize that you are who you are. Simply strive to live as healthily as possible, and don’t fret about the rest. If you find yourself overweight- living healthy, eating properly, and getting enough rest will work wonders and eventually your body will find itself going towards the weight it needs to be.

And of course, you should always try to get enough sleep each night. Don’t over-exert yourself physically or mentally, and make sure you’re eating healthy meals and drinking plenty of water. Proper rest, physical activity and nutrition are of utmost importance for both your physical health and your outer beauty. Your mental health is also helped by maintaining proper nutrition and a good sleeping schedule.

Outer beauty is directly related to inner health, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. You can’t be beautiful unless you are healthy. It’s much more important to make sure you are healthy and well rested than worrying about the size of your nose or your body. Take care of your inner self first, and the outer self will glow because of your inner health and well-being. That’s true beauty.

Potent Health Benefits of Mustard

Mustard seeds are commonly used in Indian, Pakistani, Mediterranean and German cooking. Whole seeds, ground or powdered, prepared pastes, sauces and oil are all used in food preparations. Whole seeds are used for tadka, powdered seeds are widely used in various pickles, dips and garnishing and mustard oil is used for cooking. They impart a rich taste and aroma to the food. They are widely used for their medicinal properties having a wide range of benefits for health and beauty.

Health benefits of mustard seeds

  1. Packed with phytonutrients, mustard seeds are a great way to prevent and slow the progress of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. Studies have shown that these seeds can restrict the growth of already-present cancer cells and prevent the formation of new ones.
  2. These seeds are high in selenium and magnesium. This gives it a unique anti-inflammatory property. Regular consumption is known to control and keep the symptoms of asthma, cold and chest congestion at bay.
  3. It has seeds full of vitamins like folates, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin etc. These are great in speeding up one’s metabolism leading to weight loss.
  4. Mustard being a great source of carotenes, zeaxanthins and lutein, vitamin A, C, and K all put together to make it rich in antioxidants which in turn slows the ageing process.
  5. The selenium and magnesium content of mustard lend it anti-inflammatory and heat producing properties. The paste heats up the area and helps loosen muscles, leading to relief from pain.
  6. They have high levels of niacin or vitamin B3, which helps in lowering cholesterol levels and protecting the arteries from atherosclerosis i.e. plaque build-up. It also regulates blood flow and protects the body from hypertension.
  7. Because mustard seeds are choc-a-bloc with minerals like iron, manganese, copper etc., it helps improve the body’s ability to fight diseases.

Hair Benefits of Mustard Seeds

1. Packed with vitamins and minerals and a high amount of beta-carotene converting to Vitamin A, this is excellent for hair growth. Its iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, act as stimulants leading to faster hair growth.

2. They contain protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, omega-3 and omega- 6 fatty acids. All of these together strengthen your hair from within. Strengthened hair means lesser hair fall too.

Tip: Using mustard oil once a fortnight for a warm oil massage is a great way to relieve stress, reduce dandruff and promote hair growth. After you apply the oil, wrap your hair in a warm towel. This increases absorption of the oil into the scalp. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash off. Use a good shampoo as the oil has a strong odour and is thick in consistency.

Skin Benefits of Mustard Seeds

1. Packed with sulphur, mustard seeds have antifungal and antibacterial properties that are useful in restricting skin infections.

2. Adding mustard seeds to lavender or rose essential oil, make a scrub for exfoliating dead skin.

3. Mustard seeds, used with Aloe vera gel, are great to hydrate your skin. It removes all impurities from your face and nourishes it from within.

4. They are a great source of carotene and lutein and together with vitamin A, C and K they make for an excellent antioxidant which slows skin ageing.

Safety profile

In general seeds and its oil are considered safe when used in small quantity. A large quantity may cause gastric irritation, bleeding from the stomach or intestinal mucosa. It may cause skin burn when applied to the skin for longer time. So use it in moderation. Consult your physician before self-medicating.