Magic of Herbs

When it comes to eating, everyone has their own tastes and choices. While foods and eating must be looked at in a healthy perspective, many of us just bother with how it tastes and appears. Use of herbs for cooking is not hidden. In fact, the traditional conventional cooking had been known for the use of herbs made. The golden old recipes, even today, depict and smell of the herbal ingredients that were used raise the health, taste and aroma attributes of a dish. Let us take a glance at what are the various herbs for cooking and what do they have to provide us with. Some cooking herbs are in the form of flowers that are edible in nature. Carnation is a flower that can be used for extracting vinegar which can be used over fruit salads, as a seasoning. Various edible flower herbs can be used for preparation of flower salads which are great as heart curatives. Herbs like Horseradish, mint, basil leaves, pot marigold, calendula, bay leaves, chives, coriander, dill, lavender, marjoram, thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and so many more to add to the list – all these are useful herbs for cooking as they greatly contribute towards the relishing taste, mesmerizing aroma and beautiful health of any preparation. Herbal teas and other beverages are also commonly used by tea consumers for the hazard less benefits of drinking tea.

Some herbs may not be used for cooking, but they still prove essential and additives for health. The way in which these herbs are used may not matter as much as the herbs health benefits provide by them. Some of the healthy herbs are mentioned below along with their benefits.

• American Ginseng – This herb is quite useful for enhancing the physical and mental vigorous behaviors. The constituents of this herb are savvy enough to extend some aid against depression, stress and exhaustion. It also causes the body functions to get back to normal.

• Astragalus – This herb promotes the induction of endurance in the body of the consumer, due to the activation of immune system that it triggers. It causes the reduction in high blood pressure and aids heart diseases and diabetes. It has well known herbs health benefits that elevate one’s stamina and energy.

• Bee pollen – The main benefit of this herb is that it attacks the aging system of the body and slows it down. The signs of aging that make one’s skin look older can be smoothed out with the use of this herb. Along with appearance, this herb also, mentally and physically makes a person feel and show up to be younger. Chronic diseases like colitis and constipation or diarrhea can be cured with the help of this herb.

Herb seeds are one more way in which one can access herbs for healthy purposes. The most common herb seeds used are those of the fenugreek and the sunflower, or sesame; and these can be found in every kitchen. Fenugreek seeds are used to cure numerous diseases and unhealthy conditions. One out of the many examples is the aid that fenugreek seeds provide to cure an itchy scalp. Sunflower seeds are used to extract sunflower oil which is known to be less calorific, less absorbed and high on saturated fat. Sunflower oil, unlike other oils, does not greatly contribute to the obesity and other health disorders. Also, sunflower seeds can be used to chew and this act keeps the teeth healthy, strong and white. Other herb seeds are alfalfa, hemp, aloe ferox, aloe, cape, burgundy, and Chinese red star.