The Surprising Uses of Macadamia Oil for Beauty

Macadamia oil has been used for many years for a number of things. Lately more and more people are talking about the health benefits of nuts but it’s not just from the solid kernels that you can receive perks from. There are many uses for Macadamia oil for beauty, health and cooking.

Where Macadamia Oil Comes from and What Makes It So Important?

The large tree that bears the nuts from which Macadamia oil is made, originates in Madagascar and Australia. Although this is where the Macadamia Ternifolia, or Macadamia nut tree comes from, it can now be found in Florida, California, Mexico and Israel among other areas. The oil is derived from the meat of the nut and many people enjoy cooking their food in it because of the added nutty flavor. Those using Macadamia oil in place of Olive oil will find many natural benefits because it has tons of vitamins and minerals such as; thiamine, vitamin A, iron, niacin and vitamin E.

Macadamia oil can have as much as 80% monounsaturated fats which is often called, ‘the good fat.’ These fats help with cholesterol levels; both lowering the LDL or bad levels and raising the HDL or good levels. That’s not all of the nutritional power Macadamia oil can provide. This natural oil also contains an abundance of vitamin E. This vitamin is good for skin, and nails as well as helping wounds to heal faster.

It is naturally high in protein and Omega-3 fats which make the oil beneficial for those who suffer from heart problems and migraines. These fatty acids are also helpful with depression, arthritis and menstrual cramp relief as well as being a natural immunity booster. The rich golden-oil also has high amounts of Omega-6s which help to regulate metabolism, stimulate nail and hair growth and improve reproductive function. It has a very high level of antioxidants and they work as a natural preservative often giving the oil as long as a two year shelf life when properly stored.

What Macadamia Oil Can Do For You?

If you have nut allergies it is possible to have a reaction when using oil derived from them, especially when ingesting it. It’s important to consult your physician first and to try it in small doses to see how you react. There are many topical uses for the oil as well. People treat their hair with natural Macadamia Oil and the high levels of vitamins and fatty acids do quite a bit to restore shine and luster to a person’s hair, repairing damage.

The oil works wonders to relieve a person of the pain of sunburn. Many enjoy using it for massages because of its non-oily texture as well as the pleasant aroma of nuts. Women have used it while pregnant to help with stretch marks and have experienced positive results. This natural oil offers deep skin repair and has been called the disappearing oil because of the quick way skin absorbs it. The large amounts of fatty acids, proteins and vitamins make it a wonderful skin care lotion or cream. It works to repair damage and promotes anti-aging benefits. Instead of choosing a chemical to reduce wrinkles opting for a natural route can help your health in more than one ways.